Moving in the port area

Great caution must be taken when moving around in the port area. There is forklift truck and train traffic in the area, as well as traffic connected to the loading of ships. The speed limit is 30 km/h, and drivers and other people visiting the area must keep to the assigned routes.


Access to the Port area is via the main gate. Unauthorised entry is forbidden. Be prepared to prove your identity. No visitors are allowed without a access permit allowed by the Port. Call for permission by calling the operator with whom you deal at the port. Only that operator can allow permisson.
Access permits Silva Shipping +358 207 801 800
In other cases contact the Port of Kaskinen +358 40 8488855 / + 358 50 3430676. Only in exceptional cases, contact Securitas Security at +358 20 491 3903 if you can prove you are a port customer.
Car license number, company, phone number, reason of the visit and visiting period are notifiable. Automatic license plate recognition at the port.

Map of the harbour